Equity funds average return of 35% in 2019 Greenbury sharp C dropped 19% bottom

Source: Investment Times punctuation financial income Huang Fengqing Original title: Equity funds: 2019 average yield 35% Greenbury sharp C dropped 19% bottom in the equity fund group, the products in the market that can obtain nearly one year of performance are3,723, only Greenbury Rui A, Changsheng Strategic Emerging Industry C and other 15 funds were allocated and 苏州夜网论坛 replaced and recorded positive returns; 2,451 products that can obtain results in the past 3 years, Invesco Great Wall is growing, Huitianfu consumer industry, etcThe return of 12 products exceeding 100% is calculated in the spring.

  It is only about 20 days away from “Lichun”.

At this point in time, for investors, the top priority is to carry out asset allocation planning for the new year and select the best-performing configuration products and products.

  Public fundraising has always been a type that cannot be ignored in a “basket” of assets.

In fund allocation, what kind of company is strong in the face of many fund companies and thousands of products?

Which funds perform well and deserve attention?

And there are some people who have fallen behind need to be taken into account?

  In response to the above-mentioned questions, recently, the Punctual Institute of Finance and Economics and the Investment Times carried out a detailed analysis of more than 8,700 funds (different allocations are calculated separately, the same below) based on wind data.(As of the end of 2019) performance comparison, produced “2020 Fund Asset Allocation Full Sample Report”, and strive to get reference answers.

  The report includes two categories of equity funds and fixed income funds.

Among the equity fund groups, there are 3,723 products in the market that can obtain performance in the past year, with an average return of 34.

90%, only Greenberry C, Changsheng Strategic Emerging Industry C and other 15 fund shares re-entered positive returns; 2451 products that can obtain results in the past 3 years, the average return in the past 3 years recovered 24.

48%, the growth of Invesco Great Wall is growing. The returns of 12 products such as E Fund consumer industry and Huitianfu consumer industry exceed 100%, while the returns of 294 products make up the negative, accounting for about 12%.

  From the perspective of fund management institutions, China Europe Fund, Xingquan Fund, and China Shipping Fund belong to equity funds with a one-year term and an average three-year average return.Accumulate negative numbers.

  In the research process, for the 1-year and 3-year performance statistics, funds that were established less than 1 year and 3 years were excluded.

  1-year term: Greenbury’s C leads the decline in 2019, and the global major markets are trending well overall.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S & P 500, and the Nasdaq rose 22, respectively.

34%, 28.

88% and 35.

23%; Shanghai Stock Index, Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index, GEM Index rose by 22.

30%, 44.

08%, 43.

79%, nearly 80% of the A-share stocks increased; the Hang Seng Index rose slightly, at 9.


  In this context, 3,723 equity funds (including A-share equity funds and equity QDII) other than tiers recorded 3,708 positive returns in 2019, with an average increase of 34.


From the perspective of classification, ordinary stock funds and partial stock hybrid funds have the most outstanding overall performance, while long-short stock funds are relatively inferior.

  Five products have achieved a return of more than 100% in the past year, and the products affiliated to GF Fund have won the top three.

The best performer was the partial stock hybrid fund GF Shuangqing upgrade to 121.

The yield of 69% is arrogant.

Followed closely by the innovation and upgrade of GF, 1-year income reset 110.


Ranked 3rd is GF Diversified Emerging, with an increase in revenue of 106.


Hua’an Media’s Internet and Yinhua’s domestic demand selections with yields above 100% also ranked 4th and 5th.

The top ten also include Bank of Communications growth of 30, Bank of Communications new economic momentum, Galaxy innovation growth, Nuoan growth, Bossie’s flexible allocation of returns, and yields above 95%.

  In 2019, only the net value of the re-equipment units of 15 equity fund shares declined.

Greenbury C, Greenbury A fell more than 18%, and the yield was -18.

86%, -18.74%.

The net worth of Fortune S & P Oil & Gas, Fortune S & P Oil & Gas, and Changsheng Strategic Emerging Industry C also fell by more than 10%, with yields of -12.

39%, -10.

87%, -10.


The net value drop of more than 1% is also Huaan Xintaili C, Huaan Xintaili A, Xincheng CSI Infrastructure Engineering, Dongxing Quantitative Multi-Strategy, and Hui’an Assets Rotation.

The above 10 funds together form the bottom ten of the one-year performance list of equity funds.

  3-year term: If the Bank of Communications and CSI Environmental Governance is at the tail end, the inspection time will be extended to 3 years, and the situation will be very different.

The global stock market fell in 2018, and the A-share market was particularly tragic, which caused the Shanghai Stock Index to decline gradually from 2017 to 20191.

72%, SZSE Component Index increased slightly 2.

49%, the GEM index fell 8.


The Dow Jones industrial index, the S & P 500, and the Nasdaq index rose 44 in three years.

41%, 44.

31%, 66.

68%, the Hang Seng Index increased by 28 during the same period.


  In addition to the 2451 equity funds that can obtain 3-year results in addition to grading, the average return in the past 3 years has converted 24.

48%, the overall performance of stock QDII funds is the most outstanding, followed by ordinary stock funds.

  Negative revenue was recorded for 294 products.

Bank of Communications CSI Environmental Governance, Huabao S & P Oil & Gas RMB and other five fund shares of the unit of reversion of the unit’s net value fell more than 40% in 3 years, of which Bank of Communications CSI Environmental Governance -47.

The 85% yield is at the bottom of the list.

In addition, the net value of Xincheng CSI Infrastructure Project, the future theme of Chinese businessmen, Golden Eagle Technology Leadership A, Dongxing Quantitative Multi-Strategy, Golden Eagle Technology Leadership C, Oriental Internet Jia, and Huashang New Power also fell by more than 30%.

  At the other end of the list, the net value of 12 fund’s re-entry units has doubled in the past 3 years. From the highest to the lowest return, it is the domestic hotspot of Fortis, Cinda Australia ‘s new energy industry, Invesco Great Wall emergingGrowth, Invesco Great Wall Dingyi, E Fund’s consumer industry, Hui Tian Fu’s consumer industry, E Fund’s small and medium cap, Oriental Red Ruiyuan three-year regular, Castrol emerging industries, Hui Tian Fu CSI’s major consumer ETF, Bank of China’s new vitality,Fuzhong Securities’ major consumer ETF connections.

  Fund company: Beixin Ruifeng’s 3-year average return increases the performance scale of negative fund products and the management system, style, and team’s investment management capabilities of fund management institutions.

Therefore, when choosing a specific investment target, the overall strength of the fund management institution is an important consideration.

  Let’s take a look at the average performance of equity funds of various fund management institutions in the past year and three years.

  The average rate of return of the equity products belonging to each fund company in the past year is averaged, and the results show that the average rate of return of 100 companies with statistics of 5 or more reset positive values.

Among them, Baoying Fund’s equity products performed the best overall, with an average yield of 61.


In addition, the average returns of 22 companies including Xingquan Fund, China Shipping Fund, Rongtong Fund, China Europe Fund, and Wells Fargo Fund all exceeded 40%.

Below the rankings, the performance of Dongxing Securities, Xinyuan Fund, Pioneer Fund, China Canada Fund, and Xingyin Fund was slightly eclipsed, and the average yield was less than 20%.

  From the perspective of the 3-year average rate of return, after excluding companies with less than five statistics, TOESCO managed 63.

73% led, with an average yield of over 40% are also China Shipping Fund, China Europe Fund, Xingquan Fund, Cinda Australia Bank Fund.

The average income of Beixin Ruifeng Fund increased by -4%, and it is the only company with a negative average income among 5 or more fund companies.The three funds of the Feng Health Life theme have had negative returns in the past three years.

In addition, the three-year average return of China Post Venture Fund, Taixin Fund, Oriental Fund, Golden Eagle Fund, Huashang Fund, Soochow Fund, Golden Trust Fund, and Jiutai Fund’s equity funds is less than 10%.

  Punctuation financial analysts noticed that the overall performance of China-Europe Fund, Xingquan Fund, and China Ocean Fund’s equity products, whether 1-year or 3-year, was outstanding.