[Fruits and vegetables that are good for kidneys]_Fruits and vegetables_How to eat

The kidney is a part of our body. They are very important organs for male friends, as well as for women. It can filter impurities in the blood and eventually produce urine through the urethra to replace the body.

With the increase in living pressure now, more and more people are living irregularly, which eventually leads to kidney problems. Not only do they have to spend money on treatment, but they also suffer for themselves.Fruits and vegetables.

1. The efficacy of okra and yellow okra to strengthen kidney health is extraordinary in vegetables.

Okra tender fruit contains a viscous liquid substance and Arabian compounds, galactose feed, rhamnolide additives, protein, etc. It is often consumed to help digestion, enhance physical strength, protect the liver, and strengthen the stomach and intestines.

Okra also contains special medicinal ingredients, which can strengthen kidney and tonify deficiency, and have an adjuvant therapeutic effect on male organic diseases. It belongs to the reputation of “Viagra plant”.

2. Beans such as broad beans and broad beans look like human kidneys, and they do help maintain kidney function.

Broad beans have functions such as fast stomach, dampness, viscera, “buzhongyiqi, astringent essence and intestines” and other functions.

Vitamin C in broad beans can delay arteriosclerosis, and the substitute fibers in broad bean skin can reduce plasma and promote bowel movements.

3, yam and yam have the effects of strengthening the spleen, strengthening the lungs, strengthening the stomach, strengthening the kidneys, strengthening the kidneys, refining the kidneys, improving eyesight, assisting the five internal organs, strengthening bones and bones, relieving the nerves, and prolonging life.

Yam can “reinforcing kidney qi, strengthening spleen and stomach, relieving diarrhea, reducing phlegm, moisturizing fur”.

The dopamine contained in it has the important function of dilating blood vessels and improving blood circulation. It is suitable for diabetics, bloating, weak patients, chronic nephritis patients, and long-term diarrhea patients.

4, onion because onion has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, diuretic and antidiarrheal, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood lipids, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and other multiple functions, and it is currently the only plant known to contain prostaglandins, which can protect the prostate.

Because it is not only the copyright of “Queen of dishes”, but also a recipe for invigorating the kidneys and aphrodisiac, men can’t live without onions for three meals a day.

5. Cauliflower Chinese medicine believes that cauliflower has a sweet taste, has strong kidney and bones, fills the brain and fills the marrow, strengthens the spleen and stomach, and clears the lungs and throat.

Green cauliflower still has a certain heat-clearing and detoxifying effect, which is more suitable for spleen deficiency and stomach heat, and bad breath and thirst.

Cauliflower is not resistant to high temperature and can be eaten with a little hot water.

Generally speaking, cauliflower and cucumber are fried and stewed at the same time, which easily destroys vitamin c in cauliflower.

6. Leeks Leeks have the effects of warming the middle and lowering the qi, nourishing the kidney and benefiting the yang, while enhancing the efficacy, they also have excellent therapeutic effects on male erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, so they are called “vegetable viagra”.

For men, leek fried shrimps or leek scrambled eggs are reset “easy dishes” and should be eaten more.