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Some foods cannot drink water immediately after eating, because there may be many alternative reactions after the nutrients in the food are mixed with water, as if some food and water reactions will make people feel bloated.

Banana is a kind of fruit that people like, and many people drink water immediately after eating bananas.

Can you drink water after eating bananas?

It ‘s all about eating bananas. Do n’t rush to drink water after eating fruits, because there are a lot of microorganisms, bacteria and so on in the fruits, they have not been killed by the stomach acid in the stomach.Microbes easily cause bloating and diarrhea.

It is best not to drink immediately, it may cause diarrhea.

In addition, bananas have high sugar content, so people with diabetes should not eat; those with too much stomach acid should not eat.

It is not advisable to eat a lot of bananas on an empty stomach, because it contains a large amount of magnesium. After excessive fasting, it can cause the ratio of magnesium to calcium in body fluids to change, greatly increase the magnesium in the blood, and have an inhibitory effect on the cardiovascular system.Numbness, muscle paralysis, lethargy, and other symptoms.

People with arthritis or muscle pain should not eat it because banana supplementation slows down local blood circulation and accumulation of metabolites, which makes joint and muscle pain worse.

When patients need to measure urine solubility or catecholamines, avoid bananas, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the test results.

Wind cold cold cough cough should not be eaten; women during menstrual cramps and dysmenorrhea should not eat, spleen and stomach deficiency, cautious diarrhea, eat with caution; acute and chronic nephritis and renal insufficiency do not eat.

Do not drink water immediately after eating bananas to protect your stomach.

Do not eat immediately after a meal or on an empty stomach.

1. If eaten immediately after a meal, the fruit stays in the stomach and continuously replenishes vitamin loss.

2. Banana contains magnesium in the body. When eating bananas on an empty stomach, the magnesium in the human body suddenly rises and disrupts the magnesium-calcium balance in the blood.

The myocardial infarction induced by eating bananas on an empty stomach cascades some of the precautions for eating bananas: experts say that bananas are rich in sugar and fiber, which are beneficial for digestion and laxative effects.

But eating bananas on an empty stomach is not good for health, because when fasting, there is almost no food that can be digested and digested. If you eat bananas at this time, it will accelerate gastrointestinal movement, promote blood circulation, increase heart load, and easily lead to myocardial infarction.

Experts remind you not to eat bananas on an empty stomach. Generally, you should choose to eat bananas after meals or when you are not aging.